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1)   Full payment of the lien. Either through a lump sum payment, Installment Agreement, expiration of the collection statue (10 years), or through an accepted Offer in Compromise.  Most federal tax liens are self-releasing and do not require you to take any action with the IRS.  Once the tax has been paid you will need to submit a copy of the tax lien (if self-releasing it will state on the original notice of federal tax lien) and proof of payment to the three credit reporting agencies.  The IRS does not report the release to the reporting agencies for you.  If the original Notice of Federal Tax Lien does not state it is self releasing you will need to apply for a Certificate of Federal Tax Lien Discharge through the Technical Services Group Manger.  It is recommended that you hire a professional with experience in this area. Patriot Tax Resolution Co. can prepare the request for you.

2)   Expiration of Collection Statute.  The IRS has a 10 year statute to collect on the taxes.   Again, most liens are self releasing.  If the date of assessment on the lien is older than 10 years simply follow the steps outlined in example 1. If the lien is not self releasing then after the 10 year period has expired you can submit an Application for Discharge of Federal Tax Lien to the Technical Services Group Manager.  Once received they will verify if the 10 year period has expired (some times it may be additional years if the statute has been stalled due to appeals, previous offer in compromises being submitted or bankruptcy) and if so they will issue a Certificate of Federal Tax Lien Discharge which you can request or request for the IRS to send to institutions that you name.

3)   Withdrawing Liens.  Basically there are three ways a Notice of Federal Tax Lien can be withdrawn:

You owe less than $25,000 and enter into a Direct Debit Installment Agreement,

You can substaniate that the withdrawal of the Federal Tax Lien will Facilitate Collections, or

The collection statute expires.

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