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Payroll Tax Debt 941 IRS Business Tax Liability Help

Having a Revenue Officer walking into your business can be one of the scariest moments of any small business owner’s life. No one wants to have to deal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) alone. Facing the IRS when you owe back payroll taxes can be frightening, it is important to have representation on your side. Patriot offers years of back payroll tax debt representation experience for small businesses dealing with tax debt stemming from missed federal tax deposits. Many businesses fall behind from time to time with their 941 deposits so don't fret, help is here.

Why hire Patiort to represent you before the IRS when your Business owes back payroll taxes?

  1. First hand knowledge of what the IRS Revenue Officer is looking for and a keen understanding of how to deal with every situation including the proposed assessment of the trust fund recovery penalty which can be assessed against individuals (from shareholders down to the bookkeeper and recently even payroll companies) of the corporation or LLC.

  2. Always up to speed on IRS collection laws and how to protect you from enforced collection action such as bank and account receivable levies.

  3. For many taxpayers it is difficult to remain calm and unemotional during the entire process when your business is being threatened.  Dealing with the IRS on your own can become frustrating and emotional for many taxpayers, Patriot will give you a piece of mind knowing your case is being handled properly so you can continue to focus on your business.

  4. Patriot is in a better position to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the IRS for back payroll taxes. Many IRS Revenue Officers squeeze the businesses cash flow thus jeopordizing the companies ability to remain current with both its federal tax deposits and payment plan on the back payroll taxes.

Having a professional who knows the ins and outs of system is a real benefit when it comes to dealing with the IRS, whether it is with ACS (automated collection systems), Revenue Officers, Office of Appeals or even tax court.  It is nearly impossible for the average American to keep up with every tax code change, especially one who is trying to operate a business, which can result in a mistake being made in your negotiations which can kill your cash flow and can potentially cost you thousands in penalties and interest which may be able to be reduced through an abatement or company restructuring. As experienced tax professionals Patriot will eliminate any potential mistakes and create a game plan to determine the best possible resolution on your case.

Anyone who has dealt with the IRS before has more experience than you do and will likely handle the situation more professionally and with less angst.

Allow Patirot to do the talking. Dealing with the IRS, especially Revenue Officers can be both frustrating and intimidating. Many taxpayers find it difficult to remain calm and emotionless when dealing with the IRS, either becoming angry or noticeably frightened. Neither provides you the upper hand in negotiations. Patriot will guide discussions and handle the tax negotiations to ensure that you are treated with the calm respect that you and your business deserve.

Having experienced tax representation on your side will make a real difference in the outcome of your case. Additionally, hiring representation is a great way to keep your nerves at bay and survive your battle with the IRS unscathed.

As a small business owner Nicholas Hartney, EA shares with you that same spark of entrepreneur spirit which he would rather exert on building his own dream than working to line the pockets of someone else. He understands that owning your own small business takes a lot of time, hard work, dedication and sacrifice unlike those who will represent you at our competitors who take the 8 and skate route. There will be bumps in the road and sometimes cash flow gets tight and you have to make tough decisions such as paying your employees, yourself or the IRS.  Nick is here to help you get on and stay on track with the IRS. There is no other creditor out there who can inflict as much damage as the IRS.

The IRS Does Not Mess Around When It Come To Payroll Taxes

There is no doubt that the IRS is the most aggressive in their collection attempts when it comes to business tax debt for past due payroll taxes, especially taxes generated from the 941 employer's quarterly federal tax return.   Not only are collection efforts in full force, the amount of penalties that accure make the employer matching portion on social security and medicare pale in comparison.  The combined late filing and late payment combine to whopping 47.5%, and this does not include interest which is compounded daily and on top of penalties and never stops accruing until it is paid!

I Will Prevent the IRS from Forcing You Out of Business

It is critical to have a tax professional represent you when your business oNicks payroll taxes. The IRS will not hesitate to shut your business down if it continues to pyramid its tax liability.  You should avoid meeting with any IRS representatives regarding payroll taxes until you have met with a professional tax representative to discuss your options. Once the IRS discovers who your account receivables are, they are in a prime position to squeeze the most amount of money they can from you. Determining the best resolution on payroll taxes can be very tricky and varies on a case by case basis.  Below are links to some common methods used to resolve back payroll taxes. Nick provide the neccessary business tax debt help.

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"Nick treated me like a friend, not just another client.  He  also won over the IRS agent we were dealing with."- Diana Rice, Grand Lake Security Center, Inc.


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